Berate Your Boss…

…Bemoan Your Colleagues And Get Even With Your Underlings…

Go on! Tell all. Let it out.

What did he/she do? What did they make you do? How stupid? How pompous? How much of a sexual predator? Did they rip you off? Did your idea suddenly become theirs? Naughty! Naughty! Get them!

Have a go at the HR people too. I know they don’t love you either.

And what about the employee who seems to misunderstand your every command? And all the other eccentrics in your office. Do they brighten your life or blight your every day. Either way, they should be fun to read about.

Setting The Wrong Tone
I was five minutes late. It didn’t go down well with the power hungry new team leader. The proof was in that fact that I was publicly roasted and humiliated. More…

A Load Of Bollocks
The fact that the office of the building firm I work for is completely open plan is annoying when I want to take a snooze, but does present some unique opportunities for amusement.

The place where I current work has an Employee of the Month scheme. Management (4 members) as are supposed to vote on the best worker. But this doesn’t happen…

More entries will be posted here as soon as I’ve cleaned them up for libel, slander and insanity.

To contribute simply comment in the comments section – or send me an email.


One response to “Berate Your Boss…

  1. my boss@sfavouritetactic is the “verbal bitch-slapping”; he delights in delivering humiliating public bollockings for the slightest real or imagined infraction; before Thatcher his behaviour would have provoked an all-out strike resulting in him being fired and his boss apologising; now his persistent thuggery is seen as “effective and asertive management”. Oh for a real left-wing government that would give us our rights back so we could give him his just desserts!

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