Commuter hell


The hunt is on!

Who has the worst commute in the UK?
Who has the worst in the world?
Which companies and organisations deserve the most blame?

Send in your entries now. Just post below or send me an email.

Entries will be judged on length, hassle, all round annoyance and any other irritating factors the fates may have thrown in to make the journey more miserable.

Story roll

It isn’t so much the length of my commute that troubles me. At an average of 45 minutes to an hour I suppose it’s not too bad by modern standards. No, I’m afraid to say that it’s the people…
What sets my journey apart is the constant –and often realised – threat of violence coupled with the sheer madness of a small but very vocal minority of the passengers. These I have labelled in my head as The Woman Who Throws Bread At Me, The Man Who Shouts About Jesus, The Man Who Just Stares (scarily), The Man Who I’m Sure Stole My Wallet Once, The Man Who Sweats and The Woman Who Shakes.
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