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“We were well and truly stuffed”

A classic piece of newsroom sensitivity, sent to this website by an anonymous donor with the following message:
“Whenever I want to remind myself why I left news reading, I only have to take a look at this. The bit I like best is ‘foot-in-the-door tactics are not our style’ (it was – totally) followed by the suggestion that we stake out neighbours instead.”

Memo from Misc News Editor:

Subject: Collect Pictures

To quote an editor over our failure to get collect pictures of a child who was killed, “We were well and truly stuffed.” The first picture we got was from an agency – only later did we get our own collect pictures.

The purpose of this memo is to ensure reporters give top priority to borrowing pictures (and as many as possible) when someone is killed, tug-of-love, kidnapped, missing on holiday or whatever. Please ensure that your reporters are aware of this – we should not have to ring and ask if pictures are in hand.

There are now four agencies and plenty of freelances in our patch, and all of them are chasing collct pictures. We need to get there first – and grab as many pictures as possible.

While foot-in-the-door tactics are not our style, we should not be afraid to ask the bereaved tactfully for pictures – and if no luck try neighbours, relatives,
school/workplace etc.


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