Abigail’s (naked) Party

In 1998 Abigail Saxon, a BBC religious programmes producer’s antics at a Christmas Party weren’t just the talk of her office – they earned her a mention in no less an organ thatn The Daily Telegraph. Saxon, who worked on Radio 4’s Sunday Programme was mentioned by name in the august journal, which said she was facing disciplinary action “after running three times around a trendy restaurant bar wearing only her socks.”

She is reported to have twice toured naked around Manchester’s upmarket Barca restaurant during an office Christmas lunch, allegedly for a £100 bet.

She then completed a third turn, with a cry of: “This one is for free!”

Her colleagues were said to be stunned when she accepted the challenge – and no doubt delighted when she dashed off to the lavatory, removed all of her clothes (apart from her socks), stuck one leg out of the door and shouted: “Here I come!”

Apeaking after the event, a BBC spokesperson said: “The BBC would not under any circumstances condone such behaviour.”

Fortunately, Ms Saxon kept her job.


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