Microsoft act hard

In October 2003 Microsoft fired a long-term temp after he posted a photograph on his blog of G5 computers from rival company Apple Macintosh being delivered to Microsoft’s Redmond company campus.

Hanscom, who worked at the MSCopy print shop, noticed a truckload of G5 Macs being delivered to the campus, and took a picture of them to post on his blog under the title ‘Even Microsoft wants G5s’ accompanied by the description: “Three palettes of Dual 2.0Ghz G5’s on their way in to somewhere deep in the bowels of Redmond.”

Within a week Microsoft got wind of the photo and Hanscom’s boss informed him that he was “no longer welcome on the Microsoft campus.”

In spite of the many messages of support Hanscom received when he posted this news on his blog too – and the thousands of messages full of vitriol against the giant American corporation, the forgiving blogger said he did not blame them. “I goofed. I regret it, but the damage is done.”

To see the original picture, click here.


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