An All Time Low

On 10 am Thursday September 5, 2002, a New York office worker, Tripp Murray, sent a chatty email to Mary Callahan, a woman he’d recently taken on a date, asking if she intended to go to a Bon Jovi concert that night and if not suggesting himself as company.

He was surprised to receive a reply entitled All Time Low and starting “Ok first — here is the e-mail I received from Tripp, the new guy I met last week.” Then he was no doubt horrified as he went on to read Callahan explaining how easy this ‘Tripp’ would be to drain of money: “Since we have not slept together, he will of course be trying to impress me and will, therefore, do anything I ask.”

Callahan had clearly hit the reply button instead of forward, an embarrassment that can only have been compounded by the fact that she went on to detail how a recent partner had fallen asleep on her during sex – and the fact that Tripp promptly forwarded the message on to a co-worker, James Salter. Salter forwarded it to others with the message: “Drop what you’re doing and read this. The following is an exchange between a friend of a guy that sits on our desk and a girl he took out on a date. Read from the bottom up. Oh my Lord.”

“Ugly dating scene in NYC,” observed one recipient Sam Greene, sending to several. “Sucks to be that girl this morning!”

Soon the email reached critical mass. “How fast until it hits the entire eastern seaboard?” one sender asked on the afternoon of the 6th, a Friday as he continued to forward it on.

The e-mail “seemed to have made its way around Wall Street”, wrote another.

On Monday morning it was still going. “These things spread fast, thought I’d help out,” one wrote.

By September 11, the e-mail had reached Britain and Spain. By September 12 it was in Australia, now containing the instruction:
“Like the rest of the world go straight to the bottom and read up.”

Readers are invited to do the same… it’s a classic of the form.

From: Tripp Murray
To: Mary B Callahan/US/ABAS/
09/05/2002 10:01

So are you off to the Bon Jovi show tonight in Times Square? Sounds like it is going to some turnout. What division of audit are you in for PWC?

Are you heading out tonight? A friend of mine is leaving for MBA School in France so, he is throwing himself a going away party at Park, ever been? What are the plans for this weekend, recovery from the long weekend or adding just a little more hurt to the situation?

Tripp Murray
TM Capital Corp.

Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 10:48 AM
To: Tripp Murray
Subject: All time low

Ok first — here is the e-mail I received from Tripp, the new guy I met last week. If you want to go out, perhaps we can get him to pay for drinks at the Park. Since we have not slept together, he will of course be trying to impress me and will, therefore, do anything I ask. Unlike John, who fell asleep during sex last night. I went over to his place last night around 11:30. We started having sex. When I noticed his eyes were closed for a little too long, I said “John wake up.” At which, point he shot up saying “what’d I miss.” Yes, I think that is a new low.

Let me know about tonight. I think you need company.

From: Tripp Murray
To: Christopher R Cattani
01:38 PM
Subject: FW: All Time Low

Please, read my email first. Then read her email, I think that she was forwarding my email to a friend but hit reply instead. You will love this


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