Am I the worst boyfriend in the world?

When Trevor Luxton asked a few fellow employees at Credit Lyonnais the question “Am I the worst boyfriend in the world?” he could hardly have expected that within hours the whole world would be in a position to answer. Thanks to the power of the internet, however, that’s exactly what happened…

The message

Last night I was all geared up for a night in front of the telly watching football, having a ruby and a couple of beers while Jo’s still away. Suddenly I get a text from Laura my mates ex which says I’m coming round because I need to see you. So she comes round and we get chatting about all sorts of stuff and then we start kissing a[nd] fondling (as you do). Then I find my self sitting in the arm chair with a beer in one hand remote in the other, West ham on the box and Laura on her knees sucking my piece……..
Then the phone rings and it’s Jo who was bored at the airport………..

So now I’ve got my beer, Laura sucking and Jo chatting to me on the dog….. When Laura stops sucking looks up at me winks and whispers “say hello to Jo for me” and then gets back to the job in hand……..

Am I the worst boyfriend in the world or what?????

For those unfamiliar with UK slang:

Ruby = Curry
Piece = Male organ
Dog = Phone

This email was sent out on 2 October 2002 to five friends, within hours it had been read by millions, including several managers at Credit Lyonnais who suspended Luxton (with full pay). The unfaithful friend resigned a few weeks later, but fortunately, it did not spell the end of his relationship. His Mum told The Sun newspaper:

“He has just moved in with his fiancée. They are meant to be getting married as soon as they can get the money together. They have bought a house and he’s very worried about the mortgage.”



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3 responses to “Am I the worst boyfriend in the world?

  1. Jayme

    What do you care if you are? Obviously you dont give a fuck about Jo nor do you about Laura so why do you care if you are the worse boyfriend in the world? Technically you ain’t a boyfriend but really just a person whom takes advantage they of every opportunity that they can get. Does that make you the best boyfriend in the world probably not, but it also doesn’t make you are caring human being, more like a selfish git who seems to occupy the planet for some time…….

  2. Eve

    LOL…..why do you even bother asking yourself if your the best or the worst boyfriend?
    From reading whatever you just wrote, it doesn’t really seem like you really love your girlfriend that much or you even tried anyway!
    So there’s obviously no point of even ask that stupid question since you are just a man of many that LUST over other species.
    I wouldn’t even call that human nature, because at least most of human beings doesn’t react like that as pure animals that happens to known the fucking instead of Pure love.
    Since you don’t really sound like you feel sorry at all, it wouldn’t matter if you are the Best or the Worst to anyone, but it ONLY matters what SHE would judge of it!

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