Is your boss a bastard?

Have you ever screwed up in an interview?
Have you ever screwed up while interviewing someone?
Have you ever screwed someone in an interview?
Have you done anything else very bad?
Have you ever sent an instantly regrettable and embarrassing email?
Have you ever received an instantly regratable, embarrassing and hilarious email?
Have you been assaulted by useless jargon?
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in a meeting?
What happened in the worst meeting you’ve been to?
Have you broken down a team building exercise?
Have you ruined an office party – or witnessed one collapsing around you?
Have you longed to escape an away day?
Are there odd rules in your office kitchen?
Who rules your office kitchen?
Did you get fired dramatically?
Have you seen someone else get the boot for very good reason?
Have you resigned in style?

Questions, questions, questions… Come here soon to see some answers.

In the meantime, please drop me a line if you have any funny stories from your life in the office, and please do forward me all incriminating evidence… I’m building up an archive of emails here already.

Your anonymity is, naturally, guaranteed. Be aware that I may edit your entry to fit the requirements of the site and house style – and that by sending it you are agreeing that I should be able to publish it in any media.


Simply comment in the comments section – or send me an email.


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  1. Yo!

    Just type your stories into this field yer… or if you want to write one up in your own time, send me an


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